Woodland Crafts Adventurers Pack (9-11 Years)


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This adventurers pack contains everything you need to begin your woodland craft journey using our online story adventure found here

These packs contain everything you need to play the puzzle adventure – trying to prove your place as champion of the woodland by solving a series of puzzles and tasks which feature woodland materials. The kits also contain bonus activity cards so you can start your own woodland crafting adventure in the woods and some materials to get you started.

This is our most creative hands on puzzle pack yet!

Each kit includes:

  • Instruction Sheet for parents
  • Business Card
  • Reward Badge
  • Fold up picture dice
  • crossword puzzle
  • Colour by letters puzzle
  • Riddle me this
  • Riddle me again
  • Picture Dice Key
  • Colour by letters key
  • An Important Clue
  • Anagram puzzle
  • Bow & Arrow activity card
  • Clove Hitch activity card
  • Wish & a Star activity card
  • Flag making activity card
  • 3 flag felt squares
  • 2 washi tapes
  • A wooden star & string
  • A blank stained glass window & ribbon
  • 2 colourful feathers

Profits from this kit go to our community “box fund” helping us to continue to create and maintain our community work in the local area.

Kits are sent by second class post.


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