Pirate Treasure Hunt Pack (6-8 Years)


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This adventurers pack contains everything you need to begin your pirate treasure hunt journey using our online story adventure found here

These packs contain everything you need to play the story with your little one (ages 6-8 roughly) set in the beautiful Ten Acres wood in Stirchley. Along your journey you will need to solve puzzles and clues to navigate your way around Ten Acres and find the treasure and key. This puzzle story includes colouring, reading, anagrams, logic, colour matching, code breaking, map puzzle and more.  Find out more about how this adventure works here.

Each kit includes:

  • Instruction Sheet for parents
  • 1 x Reward Pirate Badge
  • 1 x Map (6 Pieces)
  • 1 x Map Key
  • 1 x Gun shot in the den puzzle and key
  • 1 x colouring page (The Ravine)
  • 1 x Pathway Code and  3 Key Cards
  • 1 x Captains Pet puzzle
  • 1 x Pirate eye patch
  • 2 x mini pirate flags
  • 1 x capsule and key (with congratulations message inside)
  • 1 x Pack of crayons

Profits from this kit go to our community “box fund” helping us to continue to create and maintain our community work in the local area.

Kits are sent by second class post.


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