Identify and Utilise Trees – 10 Weekly Walks



Join us for a series of 2 hourĀ  walks at various locations around Stirchley getting to know the trees in the local area and how to identify them.

This 10 week program runs every Wednesday at 6pm, looking at the local area of Stirchley, on foot. The walks will look at identification of common British trees, various uses including edible and medicinal, historical use and tree ‘behaviours’ to look out for.

If you’ve done a few walks before this is still for you – practice what you know, learn trees in different seasons or environments and get comfortable with your local surroundings.

We have a range of meet up locations and we will then go for walk in the local area from here – these walks can vary and there is no set area. Meet up location will be decided with the group the previous week and will vary slightly to ensure you get to see plenty of different trees. Where possible we will try to loop the walk so that you finish where you started but this will not always be possible.

Starting Meet Up Location

  • Riverbrook
    Meet up at the corner of Riverbrook drive and Cartland road in the main field. Largely native riverside trees with some unusual non natives and planted orchards.

Trees Through the Seasons

Trees and their identifying features vary quite a lot according to the tree and the season. Sometimes you may be looking at bark and buds only, other may have leaves or flowers or both to look at too. New growth can sometimes look different to old growth and the age of the tree is also a factor. Make sure you practice looking at your local trees in all seasons!

Additional information

Date & Time

First Session 24 APRIL 2024 @ 6pm >> Meet up at Riverbrook


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