Fatwood for Fire Lighting in a Compact Metal Tin


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Carefully selected Fatwood for Fire Lighting in a Compact Metal Tin. 5 pieces of compact fatwood selected for resin content.

Fatwood is a piece of wood that has become saturated with higher levels of resin than normal, usually due to damage or a joint in the wood where a branch grows. This resin is very flammable and the fatwood can therefore be used to light fires such as with a Ferrocium rod (ferro rod or fire striker).

To use, carefully scrape some fatwood material off the wood using the back of your knife to create a small pile of powder. Make sure you have your burning materials nearby and ready to use right away. Strike the pile of fatwood powder with sparks such as from a ferro rod. Once lit, apply additional fuel right away such as dried bracken.

Ideal material for bushcraft campfire fire lighting.

Compact tins easy to store and take with you.


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