How to Pollinate an Indoor Tomato Plant

If your tomato plant is indoors, in a greenhouse or polytunnel – do not expect to still get tomatoes even if bees have access to the plant. Tomatoes are actually self-pollinators so without an outdoor environment they will need a helping hand.

There are two main methods for pollinating your tomatoes but never fear they are very easy! When your tomato plant is in flower:

Shake Method

Hold the tomato plant and shake it rigorously but being gentle to the plant. That’s it!

Flick method

Hold the stem by the flowers and gently flick the flower heads a few times. Viola!

Then just wait it out until you see the flowers turning into tomatoes. You may also need to do this to give your tomatoes a helping hand if they don’t seem to be pollinating themselves.

how to pollinate tomatoes