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Wild Roses

Name: Rosa Canina (Dog Rose) Location: Usually parks and planted bushes around carparks Months: May to June (Flowers) Edible Parts: Flowers (and Rosehips in autumn) I certainly haven’t uploaded anything on this blog for a while and I will have to grab you a good Rosa Canina picture later on I’m afraid! Rosa Canina is a wild english rose […]

Time to Plant Broad Beans!

It’s time to plant broad been seeds if you haven’t done so already. You cna plant them in pots indoors before you transplant themoutside, or you can get them in the ground right away (at the risk of any frosts we may still have). Check out this video from Mother Gardens about the entire process […]

Jack by the Hedge

Jack by the hedge, otherwise known as Hedge Garlic or sometimes even just wild garlic – is actually not a garlic at all! Name: Alliaria Petiolata Location: Anywhere, usually grass verges, woodlands and tucked alongside hedges Months: March to September Edible Parts: Leaves, Flowers, Seeds More Information Hedge Garlic is a member of the mustard […]

Windowsill Microgreens

Sometimes winter can get us a bit low, we are still waiting for all the yummy spring greens to pop up and those of us without greenhouses are waiting for planting the veggies too. But there are still plenty of things you can grow on the windowsill and get started eating right away! Microgreens is […]

Foraging Plantain

Name: Plaintain, Ribwort (Plantago) Location: Anywhere, usually grass verges, pathcracks, fields and park pathways Months: All year round Edible Parts: Leaves, Seeds More Information Plantain is a common wild edible found all over the UK. The three main types in the UK are Major, Media and Lanceolata but coastal regions will also discover maritima and […]

Growing Indoors in Winter

You can help to beat the winter blues by starting your growing projects early indoors. Even if you don’t have much space to play with, all you need is a windowsill and some creativity! After Christmas and New Year it can feel like a bit of a long haul. We are all a bit tired, […]

Simple Kimchi

This is something I have been experimenting with recently to use up all those tatty outer leaves of my homegrown cabbages. They ones that don’t look very nice because they are slug eaten and sometimes a bit tougher than the fresh heart of the cabbage. They are just as good for you, so this recipe […]

Hogweed August Membership Card

Here is the digital version of our August plant highlight for 2020 which was Common Hogweed! This is exclusive member only content so if you can see this, it’s because you are a valued member of Sustainable Life Voluntary Organisation – so thank you!