Wild Roses

Name: Rosa Canina (Dog Rose)

Location: Usually parks and planted bushes around carparks

Months: May to June (Flowers)

Edible Parts: Flowers (and Rosehips in autumn)

I certainly haven’t uploaded anything on this blog for a while and I will have to grab you a good Rosa Canina picture later on I’m afraid!

Rosa Canina is a wild english rose known commonly as Dog Rose. It has pale pink flowers and red oval shaped rosehips later on. The rose petals are edible as soon as they bloom which is around May, pick blooms that fall easily off the plant as these are already pollinated anyway.

You can make rose petals into a variety of different treats such as rose Turkish Delight, Rose Herbal Tea, Crystalise the petals for cakes, rose syrup, rose water and more. They are also commonly used in cosmetics such as rose creams for the skin.