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Jack by the Hedge

Jack by the hedge, otherwise known as Hedge Garlic or sometimes even just wild garlic – is actually not a garlic at all! Name: Alliaria Petiolata Location: Anywhere, usually grass verges, woodlands and tucked alongside hedges Months: March to September Edible Parts: Leaves, Flowers, Seeds More Information Hedge Garlic is a member of the mustard […]

Wild Garlic Paste

Now that the Wild Garlic is springing up again this season take advantage of it and try to store as much of it as possible to last you until your next garlic harvest.   A simple and easy way to store wild garlic is to create a garlic paste. All you need is some high […]

Wild Garlic

Name: Wild Garlic Location: Mostly found on Riverbanks Months: March, April Edible Parts: Leaves and Bulbs Non-Edible Parts: Flowers When young the leaves are mild and great additions to salads. If you go for the bulb it can be used just like a shop garlic clove. As the plant matures the leaves become extremely strong […]