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Poppy Seeds

Name: Poppy Seeds Location: Gardens, Parks, Sidewalks Months: June, July August Edible Parts: Seeds Caution: Make sure you correctly identify the poppy flower before proceeding. Poppies of all sizes and colours make wonderful nutrient rich seeds to add a little extra to your cooking. After the flowers have bloomed the pod develops and then dries […]


What at first glance looks like a barren field with a few daisies actually turns out to be a little field full of camomile. Name: Camomile Location: Grassy areas Months: April, May, June July Edible Parts: Flowers   They look like tall slender daisies with feathery leaves. The yellow center is bulbous and smells strongly […]

Fuchsia Berries and Flowers for Foraging and Permaculture

Name: Fuchsia (that’s ch-s not s-ch) Location: Mostly gardens or public garden spaces Months: Flowers and berries in summer/Autumn Edible Parts: Flowers and Berries Non-Edible Parts: Leaves, Stalks   Fuchsia is a great flowering plant to have in your garden or allotment. For one thing the BEES love it! So if you are adding it […]

Dandelion Flower Wine

Dandelion Flower wine is best made when the dandelion flowers are in full bloom in the spring and fully open on a sunny day. The wine requires acidifying for the yeast so it tends to become a very citrus flavoured wine. For this reason we called this batch the Citrus Bang. We aren’t usually very […]