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Fuchsia Berries and Flowers for Foraging and Permaculture

Name: Fuchsia (that’s ch-s not s-ch) Location: Mostly gardens or public garden spaces Months: Flowers and berries in summer/Autumn Edible Parts: Flowers and Berries Non-Edible Parts: Leaves, Stalks   Fuchsia is a great flowering plant to have in your garden or allotment. For one thing the BEES love it! So if you are adding it […]

Hawthorn Berries – Haws

Name: Hawthorn Berries Location: Found on Hawthorn trees, identify the tree first and make sure you have the right one before venturing this one. Months: August, September, October, November Edible Parts: Berries Non-Edible Parts: The pips/stones inside are poisonous, never consume these.   Hawthorn berries are very common across the UK and last well into […]

Mahonia – Oregon Grape

Name: Oregon Grape Location: The berry of the Mahonia, typically American but often found across the UK in posh gardens particularly in new build areas. Months: June, July, August Edible Parts: Berries Non-Edible Parts: Anything else The Mahonia Bush as pictured above is filled with sharp holly like leaves. As such people tend to stay […]