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Foraging Plantain

Name: Plaintain, Ribwort (Plantago) Location: Anywhere, usually grass verges, pathcracks, fields and park pathways Months: All year round Edible Parts: Leaves, Seeds More Information Plantain is a common wild edible found all over the UK. The three main types in the UK are Major, Media and Lanceolata but coastal regions will also discover maritima and […]


Name: Borage Location: Grassy areas, plots, gardens, forest floors Months: All Year Round Edible Parts: Flowers, Leaves WARNING: Not to be confused with Foxglove and Comfrey. Foxglove – feel the leaves, are they soft and fur like? If so then you probably found foxglove before it flowered which is poisonous. Comfrey – Flowers are purple […]

Hawthorn Berries – Haws

Name: Hawthorn Berries Location: Found on Hawthorn trees, identify the tree first and make sure you have the right one before venturing this one. Months: August, September, October, November Edible Parts: Berries Non-Edible Parts: The pips/stones inside are poisonous, never consume these.   Hawthorn berries are very common across the UK and last well into […]

How to Produce your Own Salt

Salt is one of our most important minerals for the human body but in the wild, it’s pretty hard to find in every day foraging. The coastal region is a massive resource for fresh salt whether it’s from the various food stuffs found from the coast or from harvesting the sea itself. Best of all, […]

Sweet Red Apples

Name: Apples Location: Apple Trees! Months: October, November Edible Parts: All except maybe the stalk Non-Edible Parts: Stalk? The Tree?   While cycling through one of the many scenic cycle routes in Birmingham I came across a wonderful array of sweet red apple trees. I almost passed it by completely in my speed but the rate they were dropping had […]

Jelly Ears

Name: Jelly Ears, Jews Ears and more. Location: On Dead Trees particularly Elder Months: All Year Round Edible Parts: All of the Mushroom Non-Edible Parts: None   As you can see on this particular foraging trip we also found a variety of other goodies (a big field mushroom and around 2kg of sweet chestnuts). However, […]