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Time to Plant Broad Beans!

It’s time to plant broad been seeds if you haven’t done so already. You cna plant them in pots indoors before you transplant themoutside, or you can get them in the ground right away (at the risk of any frosts we may still have). Check out this video from Mother Gardens about the entire process […]

Windowsill Microgreens

Sometimes winter can get us a bit low, we are still waiting for all the yummy spring greens to pop up and those of us without greenhouses are waiting for planting the veggies too. But there are still plenty of things you can grow on the windowsill and get started eating right away! Microgreens is […]

Growing Indoors in Winter

You can help to beat the winter blues by starting your growing projects early indoors. Even if you don’t have much space to play with, all you need is a windowsill and some creativity! After Christmas and New Year it can feel like a bit of a long haul. We are all a bit tired, […]

Let us Grow Lettuce

I gave this a go recently out of sheer desperation. We had a big hole in our garden ready for autumn/winter planting and an inspection looming just a few days away. With nothing left in the garden centres we were racking our brains how best to quickly fill up the mini plot to make sure […]


Name: Borage Location: Grassy areas, plots, gardens, forest floors Months: All Year Round Edible Parts: Flowers, Leaves WARNING: Not to be confused with Foxglove and Comfrey. Foxglove – feel the leaves, are they soft and fur like? If so then you probably found foxglove before it flowered which is poisonous. Comfrey – Flowers are purple […]

Remember the Pop Bottles?

On Day 3 of going over the allotment to prepare it for cultivation, we made a small handy pop bottle structure for planting along the fence by the pathway. This is known by many as vertical growing. We didn’t plant anything at this time – it was totally out of season, but now I have […]