Big Harvest Photo Competition

Sustainable Life organised the Big Harvest 2016 this year at Raddlebarn Primary School with funding from Forest Schools Birmingham and seed donation courtesy of Wyevale Garden Centre.

We were pleased to also run a Facebook Competition for the event in which a variety of parents got stuck in with some amazing photographs!

The teachers at Raddlebarn Primary School have been gracious enough to judge the competition entries and have now decided on thier winners. We are awaiting to hear the results of this in the next Raddlebarn Newsletter and will let you all know ASAP!

In the meantime we were very pleased to see our Course Leader Stephanie Adelaar mentioned in the newsletter who organised the event and invested so much of her time into the project and the growing club.



We’ve gathered together the prizes for the competition and they are now in the hands of the Raddlebarn teachers who are arranging the winner announcements. Here is the sneak preview of what is up for grabs!


Funshine Growing Club Confirmed

As part of our BIG Harvest event we are also making arrangements to provide a growing club at Raddlebarn Primary School for it’s funshine members. Once a week for 5 weeks after the seed giveaway we will be in Funshine with a variety of growing activities each week.


These will include:

  • Making plant pots
  • Craft activities
  • Growing pea shoots out of cartons
  • Making dinosaur cress jungles
  • Rainbow celery
  • Planting in the school planters outside
  • Celery painting

If successful we hope to be able to do this again next year with more fun activities across the growing season.

We will let you know of dates as soon as possible – we will be in the newsletter so stay tuned for updates on this event.

Children engaging in the sunshine activities will also get the chance to take home their creations which will include seeds/seedlings.

We are working with the wonderful Tam (Funshine Club Manager) so please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions or suggestions!


Raddlebarn Primary School Funshine Club