Funshine Growing Club Confirmed

As part of our BIG Harvest event we are also making arrangements to provide a growing club at Raddlebarn Primary School for it’s funshine members. Once a week for 5 weeks after the seed giveaway we will be in Funshine with a variety of growing activities each week.


These will include:

  • Making plant pots
  • Craft activities
  • Growing pea shoots out of cartons
  • Making dinosaur cress jungles
  • Rainbow celery
  • Planting in the school planters outside
  • Celery painting

If successful we hope to be able to do this again next year with more fun activities across the growing season.

We will let you know of dates as soon as possible – we will be in the newsletter so stay tuned for updates on this event.

Children engaging in the sunshine activities will also get the chance to take home their creations which will include seeds/seedlings.

We are working with the wonderful Tam (Funshine Club Manager) so please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions or suggestions!


Raddlebarn Primary School Funshine Club

The Raddlebarn BIG HARVEST 2016

As a part of our commitment to local communities in Birmingham we have set up an exciting new project with Raddlebarn Primary School. In addition to our current growing plans this year where we have donated sunflower seeds and arranged the growing season for the infant playground planters we are also setting up a large scale growing intiative with Raddlebarn Pupils and their families.

The project involves a simple three step process:

  1. Pupils receieve their free seed packets with instructions and a leaflet.
  2. Take them home and plant them over the half term. Watch them grow throughout the year.
  3. Harvest your plants and vegetables – eat them at home or save them and bring them in on the BIG HARVEST day in September (TBA) to be collected by the new City Mission Birmingham homeless care centre. You can also bring in anything extra you would like to be donated if you wish.

During the project we will also be growing at the school in the planters and hopefully have a growing club going if we can too (we will keep you posted on this). We will also be running a competition for the best grower so make sure you document your growing achievements over the summer too! Winners will be picked from photographs of your prize plants!




New Gazebo for Highbury Orchard and Sustainable Life

Sometimes, we all need a little shelter from the rain! Sustainable Life have offered up our new gazebo for Highbury Orchard to use. This not only means we will have rain cover for our courses at Highbury Orchard but also highbury orchard cic will also have the use to do the same at their own events. The gazebo turned up a brilliant white so it’s easy to spot from the bottom of the orchard.

We already tested out this gazebo at our last course, what do you think?