Thimbleful Library Event, Bearwood

Sustainable Life have been invited by Grandma’s Apple Crumble (A heritage project) to have a stall at the gathering at Thimblemill Library in Bearwood on Sunday 15th November 2015. Here we will be available to answer questions, sign up to hear about our courses or just drop by and pick up an information pack. Our course leader Alan Bale will be attending the event to do a foraging walk at Thimblemill Brook and a brief talk.

Grandma’s Apple Crumble is self described as: project centring on food scarcity during World War One and how that relates to our current situation in the area. It’s about connecting people through a shared experience of what life is like for us today against the backdrop of what it was like back then. The project involves planting fruit trees by the Thimblemill Brook with Uplands School and a Gathering at Thimblemill Library on the 15 Nov 2015 to which the wider community is invited.

More information and pictures of this event will be forthcoming!