Highbury Harvest Festival

Sustainable Life had a small corner at the Highbury Harvest Festival this year where we demonstrated how to make nettle rope. You can view the gallery for this event here.

We had lots of fun at the festival this year and spent most of our time making short lengths of Nettle rope which turned into wonderful little bracelets! We tested the rope (with a few failures but mostly sucesses) to see how strong it is and used some of it to help tie the photograph boards down.

We had a lovely array of photographs from our last nettle workshop at Sarehole Mill (taken by Dean Gammon Photographer), and a basket of information bundles all about nettles, our next two workshops and a special offer!

We didn’t just make nettle rope either, we also threw together the start of a woven basket using nettles in the style of a willow basket weave (on display with a bramble basket). We had nettle tea on the boil for most of the afternoon with a selection of extras including cammomile and lemonbalm.

We were also very pleased to get a positive response to our Nettle and Neem oil moisturising bars and gave a few away!


Thank you to everyone who came over and had a look at our section and thank you to everyone who signed up interest to our courses for 2016! We hope to have many more dates planned for the next year very soon so stay tuned!