Stirchley Apple Day Volunteering

We love our friends over at the Strichley Fruit and Nut Village and they decided to run a special apple themed day by Riverbrook in Stirchley this year and asked if we could pop along and do something. Naturally we said YES!

We brought all the equipment and our board members Alan and Stephy (and their wee one Lily) along to the event to help with a sustainable life style stall in support of their event.

We donated our equipment, time and produce to the event to create….. CHOCOLATE COVERED APPLES OF COURSE!

We didn’t sell them or pre make them – visitors were able to make their own on the day, and they were vegan friendly and dairy free to boot. Perfect!

We loved seeing everyone enjoy their apples from creation to eating and had a fantastic day! We have to finish mid day as we had quite simply RUN OUT OF EVERYTHING (We will have to double our stock next year!).