Reducing Waste – Handkerchiefs & Flannels

Waste is a big problem today, let’s face it – we really can’t buy anything these days without producing a lot of waste. In many areas much of this waste is non-recyclable including many plastics. One thing I want to cut down on in aid of waste reduction and to help avoid adding to deforestation is the Humble toilet roll.

In my home we use toilet roll for many things but mainly for blowing noses and toileting. In fact we get through quite a lot! In order to reduce this and cut down on our shopping bills we invested in two things, Handerchiefs and Flannels.

Switch Toilet Roll with Handkerchiefs

I purchased 12 Handerkerchiefs – enough to see me through the week and a bit more just in case I have a bad washing week! One handerkerchief a day for me to blow my nose on throughout the day should I need to. I bought patterned ones NOT plain, as with a one sided patterned handkerchief I could always make sure I folded it correctly every time and always blow my nose on the same side. This is quite important if you want to contain your snot not spread it around!

Switch Toilet Roll with Flannels

A damp flannel when toileting is kinder on the bum and a more thorough clean! The only downside is the sheer amount of flannels you can go through if you want to avoid handwashing and reusing throughout the day (I sure do). Stock up on as many as possible, if you have other people in your household get a small range of colours so everyone has thier own coloured flannels and no one has to feel unsure about whether or not a flannel has been used by someone else. Also invest in a seperate flannel hamper to dispose of the flannels after every use until they are washed. We are giving this one a go this week, so I’ll update this with further information as it arises.