Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed is a pest species in the UK. It’s pretty prolific stuff and even the smallest scrap can spread and take over an area very quickly. Therefore, we stick to two points:

  • Eat the stuff – Anything to hinder it’s growth has to be a good thing.
  • Always be extremely careful when approaching. Do not tread on it, dispose of all scraps completely. The slightest peel, fibre or speck an spread and it’s actually illegal to do so.

japanese knotweed












Name: Japanese Knotweed

Location: Anywhere, prolific pest species

Months: March, April (and to a lesser extent throughout the year)

Edible Parts: New stalks or top 10cm of stalks

Non-Edible Parts: Anything else


The stalks of the knotweed are greeny/red in appearance and are hollow thick tubes. You can harvest the top 10 cm of the stalk throughout the year but the best time to harvest is March/April when completely new stalks start to emerge (harvest just like Asparagus).

japanese knotweed

To eat, peel and cook the stalks like a sweet treat. The flavour is slightly sweeter than rhubarb but has the same flavour. This makes it great in crumbles! Just like rhubarb, you shouldn’t eat it in large amounts so use as a spring time treat only.