It’s not just goosegrass that’s popping up this spring nice and early. Nettles are growing new shoots in abundance and these new baby leaves are perfect for a variety of household kitchen uses.

The newest youngest nettle leaves can be picked for a variety of meals and treats including nettle tea and nettle pesto. Why pay an obscene amount for a small jar of pesto or a few bags of tea that you can basically get for free from your garden?


Name: Nettles

Location: Anywhere.

Months: March, April

Edible Parts: Young Leaves (softer brighter green ones)

Non-Edible Parts: Tough older leaves (just not very tasty)

Caution: Wear gloves when picking and wilt before eating!

Make sure before you eat any nettles that you properly wilt them first. To do so, place the nettles in boiling hot water and push under the surface then take them out and put them into cold water right away to stop them cooking. This removes the sting and makes them edible.