How to Preserve Carrots

There are two main ways to Store carrots for future use out of season and both are pretty good. Carrots are one of those wonderful vegetables that just keep on giving.

Method One

Store the carrots in soil or sand.
– Storing in the ground may not be wise, as slugs and other critters will gobble them up. However, if you planted them in a tub you can simply keep them in there above ground and they will last and last as fresh as they ever have been! If you need to uproot them, store them in sand to have the same desired effect.


Method Two

Store them in brine (salt water).
– Use a mixture of salt and water ( as below) to store these carrots by lacto-fermentation. I use this second method when it’s carrot planting season again so I can store the leftover carrots for even longer while I grow more.



  • Water (2 cups)
  • Salt (2 tablespoons) – You can source this from the sea to avoid extra expense! See our post on making salt for more info.
  • Carrots!


Gently dissolve the salt in the water on a low heat and allow mixture to cool.


Peel and chop the carrots into sticks that fit easily into your jars.


Fill each jar with carrots and pour the liquid into the jar so that it is full. Shake or tap the jar a little to remove trapped bubbles of air.



Leave for a few weeks and monitor the pressure build up in each jar. Let the air escape every so often for the first few weeks.


Ready to eat raw or steamed and packed full of flavour and probiotic goodness!