Convert Divan Beds into Netting Cages

Okay so don’t go ripping up your own bed to do this. You will find plenty of old divan beds laying around skips, dumping areas and end of year house clear outs in student areas. The divan beds are those old fabric bed bases with wooden frames inside consisting of two separate sections to make the whole bed once the mattress is on.

The great thing about these beds are they light, they have wheels so they are easy to move and the frames inside are quite a sturdy build and require no further work to them.

Step One

Remove the fabric – most of it will be easily ripped off but you may need a knife for the edges.

convert diavn bed into netting










Step Two

Using a staple gun, start tacking cheap pond netting around the wooden frame. Make sure it is taut.

netting cage










Step Three


Enjoy your new cage net – perfect size for protecting 6 cabbages!

cage netting cage netting