Annual Sunflower Seed Donation to Raddlebarn

Sustainable Life donated it’s own sunflower seeds to Raddlebarn Primary school for the second year running, ready for the next term. Teachers in year one will aim to plant the seeds with the children and watch their sunflowers grow in the classroom before they can take them home.

We donated this year over 240 seeds to ensure every child in Year 1 had at least one successful sunflower plant.


Last years results: A sunflower grown by Killian Bale in Year 1 2015.

sunflower seeds sunflower seeds2

Stay tuned and heopfully we will have some updates on how their growing is progressing!

Do you know a school that needs sunflower seeds for in-school growing? Send us an email to with the school name, address, point of contact name & email, year you wish to donate to and number of students in the year. We will do our best to fulfill as many requests as possible!