Day One: Clearing the Plot

I am just starting my own new permaculture project by taking on a second allotment with a list of permaculture ideas in mind. The “crops”I will be growing on this plot are going to be varieties that are designed to stay there such as berry bushes, trees, strawberries artichokes and more.

In addition to this I am going to try to develop symbiosis between my plants and supporting structures including a wormery, aquaponics, fish farming, irrigation and more.

As well as this I hope to create a small mushroom growing section and a polytunnel with more peppers and grapes and whatnot inside that cannot grow on my standard allotment.

All in all it will be a BIG project to take on, so I have decided to recount to you the progress of this project under the new category of Permaculture. If you are looking for regular allotment tips and tricks please take a look at the Grown your Own section instead.

Because the project is so large, I will be taking a step back from the regular farming allotment and let Alan take control of it instead so I can concentrate and take control of the permaculture one.

But wait… I can’t do any of this yet without first setting up the allotment.

As the pictures below will show you, the allotment I have chosen is extremely overgrown with plenty of trees and brambles across it.

allotment day one allotment day one allotment day one


So the first thing I need to do is start cutting back all these brambles and see what kind of work I have to do on the ground!



Day Oneallotment day one

Taking some handy hedge trimmers, I set to work on the plot hacking away at the tree stump growth and brambles.

I managed to get about half way down the plot in this manner and built up a sizeable pile of brambles and a pile of rubbish found underneath them such as bits of glass or old gardening gloves.

The plot has been unattended for a while, so I already attracted some attention from nearby allotmenters commenting on the amount of work to be done…

Not to be deterred I got a good 1-2 hours of work done in the afternoon.

allotment day one