Mask/Adapter Reuse/Upcycle Service

In anticipation of a future where lockdown ends, we have been thinking about what is going to happen to all the masks and adapters that have gone out into the local area. We wanted masks and adapters that would last, but this is a pretty unique situation right now – we don’t want all of these masks and adpters going in the bin when this is all over!

So we have come up with a three stage plan:


We will take ANY masks and adapters not in use anymore, sterilise wash and store them until we are sure they are no longer needed. We will accept ALL masks and adapters – even ones not made by us/AisforAliceCostumes. Please drop them off at 1234 Pershore Rd, B30 2YA.


In the event of a second wave of Coronavirus, we will re-distribute the masks and adapters where they are needed again.


When it is clear they are no longer needed, we will UPCYCLE them into something new and useful! These items will be available in our shop and funds will go to future Sustainable Life community projects.

  • Buttons will be collected and donated to sowing clubs/circles/communities